#people is a chat community for people ops, hr professionals, building better companies and managing humans


What Is #people?

A Chat Community based on #Slack

If you're in the business of people operations, or you're a hr professional, or you're into organisational psychology, or you're simply interested in building better companies, or managing humans them come and get involved.

To Find Like-minded People

Leaders and rebels from many industries will be active on #people. Find advice, inspiration, events, get feedback on ideas, take part in Q&A's and AMAs and get involved in discussions that are important to you with other smart, engaged people.

And Grow

Learn from your peers and industry leaders, build a reputation, gain new skills and experience and test your ideas on others.

The probability of success is difficult to estimate;
but if we never search, the chance of success is zero.


Curated membership

Each member is screened before being invited to the platform for an exclusive, lifetime memebership. There are no sales pitches, spammers or shenanigans. Just people trying to make the world of work a better place.

Lots of channels

There is plenty for every member to get their teeth into in the #people community. There are channels for events, recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits and perks, problems situations, training and coaching and more. What's more, you can add others.

Access From Any Device

Access your community from any device. Slack is supported by Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS, so never be out of the loop and have your #people network available 24/7, wherever you are.