Get invited to the #people slack channel

Want to chat with other people ops, talent management and human resources professionals?

Listen, we get a lot of spam and irrelevant requests. I review every request to join the channel, but sometimes I'll get the wool pulled over my eyes and invite someone with bad intentions.

Please don't request an invite if:

There are many channels, but here are some you should know about before you sign up (new users will be added to these by default);

I can't promise people won't break these guidelines, but if they do, I can delete them and feel smug they deserved it because they agreed to the above!

The #people promise

Do you promise, hand on heart, that you are either a people professional or are interested in the area of people ops, human resources and talent management and you're not going to try and spam everyone with your not-relevant-to-hr product? If not, I reserve the right to delete or move your posts.

I promise